NPM is expecting many synergies to emerge from the publication of a new Guide to Vision Mātauranga (download here) supporting the innovation and advancement of mātauranga Māori while accelerating research, science and innovation for the benefit of all of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In October 2019 Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga partnered with Rauika Māngai and Auckland University of Technology in hosting Māori researchers, representatives from multiple National Science Challenges, policy makers and expert practitioners at a two-day hui on the future focus of Vision Mātauranga (VM).

These Māori researchers from across the full range of science disciplines gathered en masse and focused their discussions specifically on the successes, challenges and future of Vision Mātauranga within research conducted across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The report from this hui has now been published - A Guide to Vision Mātauranga – Lessons from Māori Voices in the New Zealand Science Sector and it provides a comprehensive review of the application of VM over the past decade. NPM Co-Director Professor Ruru comments that it  “presents all of us with a much-needed guide to finally implement the original intent of Vision Mātauranga.”

NPM is proud to be partnered on Rauika Māngai with representatives from the 11 National Science Challenges, and Professor Ruru together with fellow Co-Director Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora applaud the report, recommending it as essential reading for anyone involved in the research sector in this country.

For too long Māori researchers have been asked to forgo valuable research time in order to repeatedly outline the concepts surrounding Vision Mātauranga to wider research teams. This Guide provides a resource where the fundamental concepts of VM are explained to facilitate higher levels of success and vision in Aotearoa NZ research, while also presenting new terms and tools for considering the effective power-sharing, resourcing and impact-orientation of scientific endeavours.

NPM Board Chair Kerensa Johnston adds; “Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga’s Board praises this report for revitalising how all researchers and research leaders in Aotearoa New Zealand can finally make real the intent of this long-standing government policy”.

NPM is excited by the renewed focus this Guide will provide to empowering Māori knowledge, Māori people and Māori resources and by doing so ensure we invest in and galvanise our mutual futures and deliver a thriving science sector in the years ahead.

Download the Vision Mātauranga Guide below