Research Commissioning

Research Investment
We use a variety of research investment models, including commissioning and contestable methods as well as co-funding.  We invest and support:

  • Research Projects
  • Scoping and Seeding Projects
  • Special Projects
  • Other Research

All research we undertake aligns or contributes to our Research Plan (research themes and priorities).

Commissioned Research
Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga has developed a research commissioning process to invest in our specific research priorities, encourage a collaborative research programme and to support excellence and outcomes that will meet our mission and vision. 

The Purpose of Research Commissioning
The overall purpose of research commissioning is to give practical effect to the Ministerial Determination defining CoREs as:
... an inter-institutional network of collaborating researchers working on an agreed plan.... producing world class research.
 We wish to give expression to this prescription in a field we are entitling ‘indigenous development’ (described in our Research and Strategic Plans). NPM is seeking to maintain and grow a network, a movement, a community of excellent collaborating researchers working in the field of indigenous development. Additional objectives of Research Commissioning are as follows:

  • To achieve high quality excellent research which is both relevant and useful to Māori people
  • To demonstrate clearly and consistently the value of our research
  • To gain greater cohesion, direction and focus in our research programme
  • To engage a wider range of expertise in our research investment decisions by involving them in the development of a research plan, a commissioning plan and monitoring research projects and programmes
  • To achieve a better mix of long term research investments and short term research projects
  • To energise PRE relationships further so as to achieve an active research network
  •  To build ‘nodes of research excellence’, particularly, but not exclusively, around a significant senior academic and research leader
  • To reduce the cost to both researchers and NPM in preparing and processing research proposals from a range of disciplines using fair and transparent means
  •  To ensure that research conducted by NPM is cost effective.

Overall we seek to gain coherency, cohesion and momentum across a range of research projects and programmes leading to positive change.