Call for Systemic Change to Legal Education

This week, Māori law academics across six law schools released a report calling for a new vision for how we construct, know and teach law in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

This report Inspiring National Indigenous Legal Education for Aotearoa New Zealand’s  Bachelor of Laws Degree calls for a legal profession that is trained to work in a bijural, bicultural and bilingual Aotearoa New Zealand legal system.
NPM Co-Director Professor Jacinta Ruru, and lead author of the Report, explains that to truly recognise Māori law as the first laws of this country, systemic structural change is required throughout society, including in how we teach law at Universities.

Described by Professor Val Napoleon, Law Foundation Chair of Aboriginal Justice and Governance, at the University of Victoria, Canada, through the peer review process as “some of the most exciting work on the planet”, this is an important Stage One report that articulates a clear vision for further decolonising and Indigenising legal education in this country.