The research challenges facing New Zealand and Māori society are multi-dimensional and complex. Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga has multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional teams of researchers that collaborate to seek solutions and create positive change in our communities. NPM also supports and fosters quality collaboration at national and international levels.

Two features are crucial to this strategy. First is the need to ensure critical engagement of expert Māori and their communities in the formulation, conduct and communication of excellent research. Second is the ability to create a synergy of excellence across Māori and non-Māori researchers, and across disciplines. From 2016 NPM partners with 21 entities to pursue these goals. These formal Partners include:

Together these partners form Te Tira Takimano (TTT; NPM's Electoral College of Partners), with each of the 21 partners having a appointed representative to act on their behalf.  TTT helps ensure there is the appropriate mix of skills and attributes of the NPM Board by nominating Board members, as well as upholding the voice and mana of researchers and partners in NPM, supporting the vision of NPM and meeting the Board discuss strategic and annual plans.